Does My Mattress Get Better With Age?

Yes, in most cases and for a certain period of time. As there often is a softening effect with certain types of upholstery padding, some mattress manufacturers like Marshall deliberately tighten the finishes of their sleep set designs so that they wear in gently and gracefully like a great pair of shoes or clothing. So […] [continue reading]

The Rest Assured IV Heritage

Marshall Mattress is proud to announce it will debut a unique Rest Assured® limited edition sleep set called “Heritage” to mark its 115th Anniversary celebration with long-time retailer partner, Hudson’s Bay, at its stores across Canada. The “Heritage” model will be featured in the Hudson’s Bay March Home Book and will be on sale in […] [continue reading]

Mattress Warranties

Mattress Warranties

Rather than avoid responsibility to its customer, the manufacturer’s warranty intended to ensure service for your mattress investment in the rare event that product failure occurs. That is, failure that occurs despite the fact all installation (and maintenance conditions are met). Like any other durable item, the manufacturer warrants the mattress or mattress set based […] [continue reading]

Flip vs. No Flip Mattresses

Flip vs. No Flip Mattresses

What we think of as modern-style mattresses date back to 1900.  All were ‘flip’ or two-sided design, no matter what was packed inside as upholstery padding and/or ‘springing’. In regular use, body imprinting or impressions was found to be a normal function of all upholstered cushioning including mattresses as the padding is compressed. For two-sided mattresses, […] [continue reading]

The Right Mattress

How To Choose the Right Mattress

Often the bedding shopper has been out of the market for over a decade. Therefore by that time there may have been significant changes to the way mattresses have been made. Choosing a new bed can become extremely intimidating and stressful based on the lack of familiarity and the confidence in what good product knowledge […] [continue reading]

Marshall Mattress Company

Our History

Founded in Canada in 1900 by machinist and engineer James Marshall, the Company’s patented individual pocketed spring mattress’ impact continues to be felt around the world in the form of a supported good night’s sleep. [continue reading]

Marshall Mattress Experience

Experience A Marshall

The Marshall Spring when configured into the core of a mattress is intended to act both as a support system and a cushioning system that is further enhanced when the mattress is fully upholstered and finished. The sleeper can immediately feel the fully upholstered pocket springs adapt to body shape and weight, offering pressure reduction […] [continue reading]

Bespoke Mattress

Introducing Bespoke By Marshall™

It has been nearly 115 years since Marshall Mattress first invented the pocket coil spring and revolutionized the mattress industry. In celebration, Marshall is pleased to present the Bespoke by Marshall® collection, a return to a classic vintage design. “Marshall Mattress’ Bespoke line is the result of many years of research and development. The collection […] [continue reading]