Marshall Mattress’s Elite Distinction

The Marshall Elite Distinction mattress, handcrafted in Canada, offers superior comfort and full support on both sides of the mattress.  This extra-firm flip (two-sided) Tight Top design features  Marshall’s patented 1002 cotton wrapped and sewn pocket coils that adjust to the body’s natural contours and provide proper spinal support.  The mattress is upholstered with soft Hollofill pillow fibres, soft Soy foam, firm Soy foam, extra compressed felt pads and natural Cotton fibre – all layered equally on both sides.   The Distinction is finished in a hand tailored, Belgian Viscose/Cotton damask fabric with contrasting airflow-quilted borders.  No foam encasement is ever used.   Folding King or Queen mattress options plus custom sizes are available.

With matching fully upholstered modular foundation. This mattress or set comes with a 10 year warranty.

Coil Counts: King 1234, Queen 1002, Double 840, Twin 564

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