Does My Mattress Get Better With Age?

Yes, in most cases and for a certain period of time. As there often is a softening effect with certain types of upholstery padding, some mattress manufacturers like Marshall deliberately tighten the finishes of their sleep set designs so that they wear in gently and gracefully like a great pair of shoes or clothing. So to speak, ‘the sleeper and the mattress adjust to each other.’

In many cases this enhancement improves the useful life of the sleep set well within the full duration of the manufacturer’s warranty. Then at the appropriate time the mattress set is replaced for sensible reasons of product hygiene and user health. It is also found that at the time of replacement the customers’ comfort and support preferences may have undergone qualitative change so that a new mattress support and comfort style may then be appropriate.

However, unlimited use is not likely or to be expected. After reaching a point of 9 or 10 years, it then becomes more apparent that the mattress set is better off being replaced.