Marshall Mattress Experience

Experience A Marshall

The Marshall Spring when configured into the core of a mattress is intended to act both as a support system and a cushioning system that is further enhanced when the mattress is fully upholstered and finished.

The sleeper can immediately feel the fully upholstered pocket springs adapt to body shape and weight, offering pressure reduction – even relief from body stress and discomfort. This composed reaction subtly encourages the sleeper to relax in comfort, fully supported and, to fall asleep effectively.

Marshall Company offers a wide selection of pocket spring sleep sets that differentiate ranges of comfort and support that highlight the benefits of genuine Marshall Pocket Spring, made in Canada since 1900.

Marshall Mattresses may feel a little bit firmer when brand new as they are deliberately designed to work with the combined effect of pocket spring and fully upholstered and tailored finishes. This can be compared to breaking in a good pair of shoes or similarly with well-made clothing.

The result is that a Marshall pocket spring sleep set will ‘break in’ gradually and more comfortably, providing the user with a great night’s sleep over the period of the mattress set’s useful life.