Marshall Mattress Company

Our History

Founded in Canada in 1900 by machinist and engineer James Marshall, the Company’s patented individual pocketed spring mattress’ impact continues to be felt around the world in the form of a supported good night’s sleep.

Marshall Mattress Company’s founder James Marshall was both passionate and innovative in ensuring that his patented invention, the pocket spring system would be used effectively in many useful applications beyond conventional residential use.

Within 10 years of its founding, his Marshall Mattress sleep sets graced the rooms of many fine hotels and homes across Canada and the United States.

With a unique Canadian connection, Marshall convinced the English shipping company Cunard “White Star” Lines (that had its origins in the Canadian Maritimes) to use Marshall mattresses on all its cross-Atlantic voyages. Similarly Marshall supplied Canadian Pacific Railways with its own unique pocket spring mattresses used in all its ships, railway lines and hotel properties.

Marshall-L.A. Young Industries and Chrysler Corporation further adapted the Marshall pocket spring cushion design for use in ‘top-of-the-line’ Chrysler Imperial car seating. The Marshall Spring (i.e. pocket spring) cushion design is considered the gold standard for fine furniture to this day.

The original Marshall pocket spring system continues to be used in the production of healthcare mattresses that provide exceptional comfort and full body support while simultaneously reducing surface pressure tension against the body of the supported sleeper.