Mattress Warranties

Mattress Warranties

Rather than avoid responsibility to its customer, the manufacturer’s warranty intended to ensure service for your mattress investment in the rare event that product failure occurs. That is, failure that occurs despite the fact all installation (and maintenance conditions are met).

Like any other durable item, the manufacturer warrants the mattress or mattress set based on the purchaser following a series of recommended minimum standards for its installation and maintenance. If you look after the sleep set, it performs well for you.

For two sided ‘flip’ mattress sets, the action of flipping-over and reversing the mattress from end to end ensures even wear, plus enhanced comfort and support as the bed is in use. That amounts to a minimum of 4 repositionings of the mattress per year. For a no-flip, single sided mattress – periodic reversals of the mattress from end to end (4 to 6 times) each year. A little bit of effort yields a great deal of results – all ensuring the value of your mattress warranty.

The other matter is installation of the new mattress or set after purchase. To ensure the best results and protect the mattress integrity, the company recommends simple bedframe support designs as well as adaptor-kits for bed-furniture that will fully support the mattress set and its sleepers. “Picture in your mind, building a bridge under your bed ensures the best results for a great night’s sleep, holding the mattress set in the right position – all the time”.

Finally keep that mattress set clean and free from staining (from whatever source) by covering the mattress with a good quality mattress protector or mattress pad.

Remember, if you are in doubt; always consult with the manufacturer directly. You are encouraged to do so.